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Children's Books

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The Night the Stars Fell


Scarlett and Lana are in for a magical treat!

Lana’s wish has come true, and tonight instead of sleeping, the sisters are going to have a magical experience they'll never forget!


A simple, yet soulful tale of two sisters, bonded in love and imagination, that will resonate with all who cross it's story.  The Night the Stars Fell tenderly reminds us all of the playful power in children.  With it's magically alluring storyline and whimsical illustrations, by Jeremy Whittington, this book is sure to be a favorite for both parents and children alike!


Alebrije, Alebrije, Alebrije!


When an illness lead to a dream, it created the most fantastical creatures in Mexican folklore culture.

Follow this amazing story as it's traditions and legends are captured in this easy-reader, dual language (English/Spanish) children’s book. Eduardo Martinez joins April Salazar in collaboration to create a colorful world of captivating adventure for families to enjoy.

The symbolic message this magical story presents, will continue it's significant mission of enlightening children and parents alike; passed on from generation to generation, and solidifying a part of Mexican culture throughout the world.




Let’s take the time to rhyme!

According to decades of research on learning, teaching your child by rhyming or introducing them to rhyming structures improves memory and cognitive development, develops literacy, promotes language development, encourages social and emotional development, and much, much more.  Rhymes might seem silly, but evidence suggests they are actually invaluable pedagogical tools for small children!

What better way to be silly and rhyme than with Underwear!

Super Boy MAXIMO has the coolest outfit ever…a blue cape and his favorite underwear!  Join Máximo and his friends in this silly, yet oh so satisfying rhyme, where new discovery and fun details arise around each corner.  He’s proud and fearless in his conspicuous costume but…oops, something unexpected happens to our hero!  What could it be?

A fun and rhythmic story to bring joy to even the grumpiest bedtime moods!  This is April's first illustrated work.


Roger the Pink Elephant

© Coming soon!

Roger is different.  He is a pink elephant and doesn’t fit in!

As Roger ventures into the unknown, he encounters new reasons for rejection other than his skin color! These surprising disappointments and his unwavering hope all facilitate Roger’s ultimate discovery that his worth and acceptance come from within, resulting in true happiness.

The process of self-discovery, establish self-worth, and transcending rejection are demonstrated in this engaging tale that will resonate with children and parents for generations to come.  Delivering a message of fundamental importance that social-acceptance and validity are necessarily contextual, and only by transcending preconceived ideas and limited perspective can we establish self-worth that is invulnerable to circumstances.

A Sea Shell for a Night Star 

© Coming soon!

What happens when Katiana, the night fairy, finds a lost sea shell wedged in the sky?  Or when Marie, the mermaid, spots a glow under the sea? 

Katiana and Marie have found each other’s lost friends.  Join them as they work together, swapping places, to get them home.

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