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 Meet April...

She falls in the “thirty something’s” category — a proud child of the nineties — and is a super busy, volunteering-driven, proud mama, living every moment to it’s absolute fullest.  She craves social interaction, surrounds herself with positivity, feeding off its energy, and giving back wherever she can.

April was born in south San Antonio, TX in humble circumstances.  The first in her family to graduate with a college degree, she has a BA in Speech and English Communications and trained in broadcast journalism.

She met her husband, Jorge, on a blind date in San Antonio, and was married by 24.  Although Jorge holds an incredibly important position that demands a lot of his attention, he believes in April's passionate vision and supports her creative genius.

Jorge and April moved to Houston, Jackson, and then Boston before making their way back to Texas, following their dreams and opportunities, making contributions along the way.  Having lived, visited, and experienced many U.S. cities and states, April confesses, "There’s no place I'd rather be than in Texas."


April is a mom of seven children in total! Three bonus babies, as she calls them, and four of her own. Her first of four children was born when she was 25, and the rest followed closely behind.  As a new mom (in a new city) with no family, she had to bite the bullet and jump head first into motherhood --- learning as she went.  She found community and comfort by aligning herself with strong women and a drive to do more.

Now, April is a writer of both novels and children’s books.  She has always loved the idea of telling stories, being in the limelight, and creating change.  April believes that she is lucky to have found a calling that makes her complete and motivates her to be a better wife, mama, and author.  


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