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Meet April...

She falls in the “thirty something’s” category — a proud child of the nineties — and is a super busy, volunteering-driven, proud mama, living every moment to it’s absolute fullest.  She craves social interaction, surrounds herself with positivity, feeding off its energy, and giving back wherever she can.

April was born in south San Antonio, TX in humble circumstances.  The first in her family to graduate with a college degree, she has a BA in Speech and English Communications and trained in broadcast journalism.

April is a first-generation Hispanic college graduate who’s always had a natural talent for storytelling, a drive for creating change, and now gets to share her written stories with the world. She is the owner and founder of RAZALAS Publishing LLC, where she’s published three children’s books, has completed her first novel, Virtually Yours, Rosalie, and is currently working on a collection of short stories, a memoir, based on the adversity of her own past entitled, Girl from the Southside. She is the creator and co-host of the podcast, Breathe Underwater, which focuses on key moments individuals knew they would overcome their adversity, set to launch fall of 2023. She is an executive producer for a Houston-based docu-series highlighting women empowerment, currently in production. April’s creative genius and passion for change aid in her philanthropic efforts for numerous Houston organizations. She has been recognized by the governor, mayor, and presented with multiple awards surrounding her unwavering support with charity work and volunteerism. April lives with her husband and four children in Texas.

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